Anime Club

Mindy Kimmel

Who We Are  
The Beecher High School Anime Club is new as of 2014. This is primarily a student-led club. Any student is welcome, but the club really speaks to the students interested in Anime and Japanese culture. Since this is such a new club, we are still ironing out the details, but so far we have discussed Anime, watched Anime, had a cosplay costume designer as a guest speaker, and had an Anime drawing lesson. We hope to continue to incorporate new ideas while we explore Anime and Japanese culture.

Check Us Out

Mrs. Blouin, the Beecher School District Art Teacher arranged for a guest speaker. Kristen Moutrey owns her own cosplay costume design business call Skastumes. She talked to the group about cosplay, costume design, and how to turn a love for Anime into a career.