Your freshmen year is the foundation of your high school record. I tell my students to think of it as the foundation of your high school “house” with tenth and eleventh grade being the walls and twelfth grade being your roof. If your foundation is weak, your house may crumble. Freshmen grades are the first grades that become a part of your high school transcript and your Grade Point Average (GPA). While that may not seem important now, it is one of first indicators of which doors will remain open for you. If you goof off your freshmen year, you have already started to limit your options so it is important that you develop good study habits and make good grades. Also get involved outside the classroom in co-curricular or community activities. This involvement will give you experience and will help you to determine what you may be interested in for your future. Let your school counselor help you to start your high school career off on the right foot. Freshman year is the time to start thinking about future career/college plans.

Students should start to figure out what they are interested in and may want to do after high school. This will help to set up their ideal schedule for the next three years of high school.

Students and parents should monitor grades and set academic goals, so they can continue to succeed in the classroom.

Students should get involved in extracurricular activities. They should keep a record of all activities participated in, and any awards and/or honors received. All Freshman will take the Explore Test in April.

This website can help with high school planning. It can help determine a plan of study, give a planning timeline, provides support for career and academic goals, and much more. What's Next Illinois