Student schedules are based on individual preferences, academic ability and graduation requirements.
Placement is also determined by class size and elective offerings, with priority given to graduation requirements.

Beecher High School serves the needs of students of all abilities. Students are qualified for certain classes according to their achievements on the Freshman Explore test, the PLAN test, the Prairie State Assessment Exam battery, the ACT test, teacher recommendations, grade history, prerequisite classes, and special needs.

The counselor begins the scheduling process for the coming school year in February. Students were shown their schedules in May.  

Because the registration process begins in February, there is ample time for careful planning and a review of the student's schedule. Once student schedules are finalized in the spring, students are permitted to change their schedule only within these established guidelines:
    1. A change due to a student's failure in a course which is a prerequisite for the course in which the student is enrolled.
    2. A change due to a student's failure in a course required for graduation. This change must be made by the mid-point of the first quarter.
    3. A change related to medical problem must be accompanied by a written statement from the student's physician.
    4. A change made to correct a scheduling error made by school personnel or due to a change in staffing.