Finally, you are a senior. If you have determined your short list of colleges, this year will involve mostly completing applications for colleges, scholarships and financial aid. Just remember that you have to keep your grades up because colleges can revoke admission decisions if you slack off your senior year; beware of “senioritis.” As for your applications, be certain that you pay attention to deadlines as they will fall throughout the year from September to June. Continue to search for and apply for scholarships. If you need letters of recommendation, give your teachers, coaches and your school counselor a copy of your brag sheet and at least two working weeks advanced notice so that you can get the best recommendation possible. Donʼt forget to send official transcripts to the colleges; this is will be done through or through the School Counselor office.  As soon as possible after October 1st, complete the FAFSA online at so that the colleges can prepare your financial aid package. Beecher High School will have a FAFSA Workshop in January or February.  In the spring of your senior year, you will make a final decision about which college you will attend based on your acceptance letters and financial aid award letters.

For many students, where to attend college will be the first major decision that they will make in their lives. For twelve years, your parents and your community most likely told you where you would attend school, and now you get to decide for yourself. It is a big decision. However, there are people out there who will help you through the process. You can talk to your friends and family, alumni from the colleges, your teachers, and definitely Mr. Sarsany. By planning and letting others help you with the process, you will find the door that is right for your future.  
Apply only to colleges you would seriously consider attending if accepted.
Check to see if the institution has any type of early-action deadlines for applications. It is recommended
that applications be done prior to Thanksgiving of your senior year.