As a sophomore, continue to earn good grades while taking the most challenging courses that you can handle. Stay involved in clubs, sports and/or community service, and you will also take the PSAT and/or PLAN which are practice college admissions exams. These tests will help you to begin to explore and plan your college and career options. Meet with Mr. Sarsany to help understand your test scores, to begin exploring your future options, and to select the best courses for you to take in high school so that you will be prepared for your future.

Sophomores should keep their options open by taking solid academic courses. They will begin to explore career options and be asked to identify what career cluster is the best educational fit for them.

In addition to focusing on individual career options sophomores are also encouraged to explore the Kankakee Area Career Center during the fall KACC field trip.  All sophomores should begin to focus their goals. The school library also has many books available on the different fields.