On October 19, 2013 Beecher High School will administer the PSAT. Sophomores and juniors register in the high school office.

On October 26, 2013 the guidance department will host the national ACT test, Students must register at the ACT site. They are new requirements to upload your picture.
Note: Due to legal restrictions and FERPA, students must request scores be sent to colleges. he guidance counselors can only place scores on BHS transcripts. Most public and some private colleges now request that scores be sent directly from ACT.

Students may qualify for scholarships by scoring a 200 or on this test and becoming a National Merit Scholarship qualifier.
There are also special scholarships available. http://www.collegeboard.com

All Juniors take the ACT during the last week in April. As part of the state assessment these scores can now be used by the NCAA clearinghouse. Registration information for national dates and test centers is available in the high school or guidance office. http://www.actstudent.org

In November 9th & 10th graders will take the EXPLORE & PLAN test. These test includes four multiple-choice tests.
English - The English Test measures understanding of standard written English-punctuation, grammar and usage, sentence structure, understanding of the use of strategy, organization and style in writing.

Math - The Math Test measures mathematical reasoning. The test focuses on your ability to reason in math rather than on how well you have memorized formulas or can do involved computations.

Reading - The Reading Test measures a student's ability to understand written material from different school subjects. The skills measured reading comprehension such as drawing conclusions, and making comparisons and generalizations.

Science - The science Test measures scientific reasoning skills and the ability to draw conclusions from data. Six sets of information are presented in one of three formats: 1) Data from graphs, tables, and other forms 2) Research summaries based on several experiments and 3) Conflicting viewpoints.