BES Parking & Driveway reminders

posted Oct 2, 2014, 6:58 AM by Melissa Ohlendorf
Please note that all parking spaces in the east and west driveways are assigned to faculty only. There is one handicap spot and three visitor spots that are available across from the front doors. If these spaces are full, please park on Penfield Street or at the Community Hall/Firemen's Park lot.

Please do not park at the Beecher Community Library, their parking is for library patrons only.

The Beecher Education Foundation auctions off a parking space each year. This parking spot in the east driveway has been reserved for Jenny Jones. Please do not park in this reserved space without permission from the recipient.

During morning drop off, please pull forward in the drop off area. Four cars should be able to drop-off students at the same time.
Have all children exit/enter the vehicle on the passenger side (the school side). This is for the safety of the children and to protect them from cars passing on the driver side.

Remember that the speed limit in the drive is 10 mph, and cell phone usage is prohibited in all school zones while driving.