District Finances

One question that I get asked is: What is the financial condition of our School District? The short answer is: Very Good.

The positive side of our finances is that we have money in the bank, and our cash flow is good. At the end of June (2018), we had $15.3M in the bank on an annual budget of $13M. At the end of this fiscal year (June, 2019), we are projected to have $15.7M in reserves following an annual surplus of more than $400K. In simple terms, we have a healthy savings account that steadily grows each year.

However, we do have $9.4M in outstanding, long-term debt from previous construction projects. These bonds will be fully retired in November of 2022.

If you have questions or would like more information on a specific topic, please drop me a note at bcox@beecher200u.org.

Bradley Cox

Superintendent of Schools