Superintendent’s Blog – Student Opportunities and Supports

I have recently hosted a series of committee meetings to obtain input from the learning community, eliciting feedback on areas that we could better serve our students, staff, parents, and community.

The first group to meet was Student Opportunities and Supports, looking at ways that we can make our students more successful. After deliberating, it was decided that the following areas could use additional focus:

  • District-wide RtI program, including but not limited to an emphasis on study skills
  • increased consistency for the student experience (procedural, across grade levels, between classes, between buildings, etc.)
  • JH / HS credit recovery program
  • academic assistance program (skill reinforcement, homework recovery, etc.)

I very much appreciate the efforts of the committee members: Kathy Weiss, Julie Johnston, Adrianna Picicco, Janet Paulmeier, Jack Gaham, Amy Gill, Mike Meyer, Bob Ogdon, Ed Palmisano, Steve Sarsany, Anna Lang, Kristin Payne, and Nicole Black.

These discussions are a key component to moving the District forward.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be detailing the findings of the other committees.

Stay tuned!