Superintendent’s Blog – District Facilities

As promised, I am providing additional feedback from our recent Superintendent Steering Committees. This time, the focus was Facilities; the recommendations were divided into those with top priority (Tier I), projects to be considered after Tier I is complete (Tier II), and issues involving Athletic facilities. The recommendations were:

Tier I

  • Asbestos removal in the Elementary School (floors) and High School (floors and ceilings)
  • Improved traffic flow for drop off and pick up at ES and HS, including repaving of driveways
  • ES functionality issues
    • Adding kindergarten and EC restrooms
    • More secure front entryway
    • Updating existing restrooms
    • Improved cafeteria area
  • HS functionality issues
    • Existing restrooms updated
    • Creation of adult restrooms
    • Creation of conference room

Tier II
• Additional parking (Districtwide)
• Additional storage (Districtwide)
• Updated HVAC (heating and cooling) systems at the ES and HS Athletics

• JH gym updates – additional bleachers, repairing floor, wall cracks
• Improved soccer facilities, creation of track facility
• HS gym updates – refinish floor, bleachers moved closer to court

I very much appreciate the efforts of the committee members: Chandler Claus, Shane Malecha, Kerry Pikal, Mike Stanula, Crystal Von Alven, Karla Wcisel, Emily Doersam, Chet Hanson, Jack Gaham, Robert Ogdon, Mike Meyer, and Nicole Black.

Most of these improvements will take significant planning and execution, so I do not expect significant work on them until the summer of 2020. However, I am optimistic that next summer will be a very busy one!