Mrs. Oppenhuis Reads “The Subway Mouse”

Mrs. Oppenhuis reads “The Subway Mouse” for our students. After listening to the story, see below for more activities and videos.

  1. Ask your child if they have used public transportation before. Encourage a discussion about different kinds of public transportation and reasons why people use them.
    Ex. taxi, subway, buses, etc.
  2. Discover the first subway constructed in the United States in this Boston Globe slideshow based on Beneath The Streets Of Boston: Building America’s First Subway by Joe McKendry.
  3. Ideas from

Dodge means to move quickly to avoid being hit.
Pluck means to pull out feathers or hair.
Snatch means to grab something quickly.
Swirl means to turn something around and around.
Trot is a fast walk or a slow run.

Here are some videos on how to make those pictures found in the book called plasticine by the author Barbara Reid in 3 parts.