Superintendent’s Blog – Remote Engagement Update

Governor Pritzker has extended Illinois’ Stay-at-Home Order through April 30th. This means that Beecher 200U will remain closed through at least April 30th.

As for our upcoming Spring Break, it will take place as planned. There will be no school lessons for Good Friday, April 10th or the entire week of April 13th – April 17th.

To ensure connectivity, giving all students the opportunity to be engaged and learn – the school has delivered internet hot spots (free of charge) to the few families in our District with no internet connection. If you (or someone you know) has no internet, please call the District office.

I also want to update you on our District grading policies. As many of you know, our local policies are often more rigorous than the ‘ISBE recommendations.’ Quite frankly, the current ISBE recommendations would have our kids choosing whether or not to learn and do their work; this is unacceptable. As we continue to move forward, teachers will provide students with work, and students will try their best to do it. That being said, please know that we are listening and trying to put in place a model where all students can be successful.

To that end, formative homework will only be given a grade of “C” or higher (or “B” or higher in the ES). If the student does not complete an assignment or does poorly, the assignment will be marked as an Incomplete, and the student will do the assignment over. On summative assessments, all students will be given the opportunity to re-take each test or quiz, if they choose to do so within the timelines allotted by their teacher. Our goal is that every child has the opportunity to learn and be successful.

Another topic that we are listening to is student workload. After Spring Break, we will utilize a four-day per week model for instruction with the fifth day spent on make-up, catch-up and unanswered questions.

As many classes are utilizing video technology, there may be an instance where your child could be participating in an environment where other parents could be viewing them. If this is an issue, please contact your teacher so they can provide a solution.

Please continue to communicate. The level of interaction between our teachers and parents is at an all-time high, and it helps our children to be more successful. Keep it up!

I could not be more proud of the students, parents, and staff of Beecher 200U as we navigate these uncharted waters together.

K. Bradley Cox Superintendent of Schools