BES Material Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Dear Beecher Elementary School Families,

I hope all of you are continuing to stay healthy and safe during this time. As I have stated several times, if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. If we are unable to assist, we will work to find someone who can help. During this pandemic, we must all continue to work together to help each other. I am amazed and so proud of how our community has responded.
During the next couple of weeks, teachers will be gathering any remaining student items in their classrooms, desks, and lockers, and placing them into labeled bags with the student’s name and grade/class on the bag. Beginning the week of May 25th, BES will facilitate a drive-thru pick-up for the retrieval of student belongings and the return of school materials. The schedule will be staggered by grade levels being on different days and times. Please review the schedule & frequently asked questions on the second page of this message for the day and time for your child(ren). Should you need to collect items earlier, please contact Mrs. Black.

To assist with this process, we ask that families:

  1. Create a small sign or sheet of paper that displays your child’s first/last name & grade level. If you have multiple children in the building, post all names and grade levels on the sign.
  2. Use this checklist to fill a brown paper bag with the items that will be returned to the school. Please print or create a checklist with the items you will be returning to school.
  3. At your assigned time, pull up in the back of the school (bus loading area) following the posted signage, and open/unlock your trunk or back door.
  4. Do not leave your car.
  5. Display the sign with your child’s first/last name and grade level/homeroom teacher.
  6. Wait as a staff member retrieves your child’s bag of items.
  7. A staff member will ask you for the bag of materials that you are returning to school. The staff member will open the bag to ensure that all of the checklist items are in the bag.
  8. Your child’s bag will be placed in your popped trunk or backseat.
  9. The staff member will let you know if there are any additional materials that need to be returned to school.

As the pick-up date draws near, you will receive additional information from me. Unless you contact the school office and make alternative arrangements, any supplies not picked up at the end of these pick-up dates will be considered a donation. Any school-owned items that are not returned to school, will be assigned a fee that will be added to next year’s registration. I will continue to keep you updated on end-of-the-year items and procedures. Stay safe and healthy!

Tuesday, May 26th

8:00-8:30 Mrs. Cox/Mrs. Real
8:30-9:00 Mrs. Miller
9:00-9:30 Mrs. Parise

1st Grade
9:30-10:15 Ms. Baxter’s Class
10:15-11:00 Mrs. Stolarek’s Class
11:00-11:45 Mrs. Markland’s Class

2nd Grade
12:30-1:15 Mrs. Tiltges’s Class
1:15-2:00 Mrs. Irwin’s Class
2:00-2:45 Mrs. Kopec

Wednesday May 27th

3rd Grade
8:00-8:45 Mrs. Hayhurst
8:45-9:30 Mrs. Wente
9:30-10:15 Mrs. Goodwyn
10:15- 11:00 Mrs. Hodac

4th Grade
11:00-11:45 Mrs. Serafin
11:45-12:30 Mrs. Dunlap
12:30-1:15 Mrs. Gliva
1:15-2:00 Mr. Nagel

5th Grade
2:00-2:30 Mrs. Schwarzentraub/Mrs. Davis
2:30-3:00 Mrs. Wade
3:00-3:30 Miss Doyle

Thursday, May 28th

Make-up Time 3:00-6:00


Q: If I have multiple students, do I need to come up to BES multiple times?
A: No, pick the time and day for one of your children, and you can return/receive materials for all of your children.
Q: What if none of these times work for me?
A: Call and leave a message with the office. They will call back to make alternate arrangements.
Q: How will my child get his or her yearbook or medication?
A: Both of these items will be placed in student material bags.

Mrs. Black

Illinois Academic Excellence Award Winning School