Welcome to Beecher Elementary School!!

The 2019-2020 School Year is going to be fantastic! This will be my fourth year as part of the BES family, and I couldn’t be happier to return.
This year our school will be continuing to focus on kindness, with our school theme of “KINDNESS MATTERS”. During the first week of school, all students received their very own “Kindness Matters” shirt. We will be spending the year reminding our students that Kindness Matters both inside and outside of our building. Look forward to many different ways for our students and their families to show that Kindness Matters throughout the year!
We have many new students and team members this year. Mrs. Jami Parise will be joining our team as a Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Jesse Nagel as a 4th grade teacher, and Mrs. Elise Daly as the Cross Category teacher. Mrs. Megan Davis and Mrs. Gina Doran will be instructional aides at BES. We will also have a new lunchroom supervisor, Mrs. Kelly Falaney. You may also recognize her because she is a bus drivers for our district.
I look forward to working together with both our staff, students, and parents to make the 2019-2020 school year the best one yet! If you have any questions, please feel free to call, email, or visit anytime.

Nicole Black, Principal

BES News

Ms. Beaulieu Reads “This Moose Belongs To Me”

Ms. Beaulieu reads “This Moose Belongs To Me” for our students.

Superintendent’s Blog – Remote Engagement Update

Governor Pritzker has extended Illinois’ Stay-at-Home Order through April 30th. This means that Beecher 200U will remain closed through at least April 30th. As for our upcoming Spring Break, it will take place as planned. There will be no school lessons for Good Friday, April 10th or the entire week of April 13th – April 17th. To ensure connectivity, giving all students the opportunity to be engaged and learn – the school has delivered internet hot spots (free of charge) to the few families in our District with no internet connection. If you (or someone you know) has no internet, …

Mrs. Real and Mrs. Cox Read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”

Mrs. Real and Mrs. Cox read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” for our students.

200u News Archives


Material Drop-off Date Change

On March 26, 2020

Our new material drop-off date has been changed to Monday March 30th. Please look for more information regarding this to be sent home soon.Read more

COVID19 - Parent Letter 3/25/2020

On March 25, 2020

Hello BES Parents, As we move forward with this educational journey, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the time and commitment you have put into moving your child’s education forward. We all need to continue to work together to make this rest of this experience positive for everyone. I have had some parents reach out to me and to the teachers, and I would like to try and answer some questions that have been brought up. Unfortunately, no students or parents are allowed inRead more

200U Band Students - Leave Instruments at Home tomorrow, March 16th, 2020

On March 15, 2020

Hello, this is a message for Beecher 200U Band students. Band students are to keep their instruments at home for tomorrow, Monday, March 16th, 2020. Please leave your instruments at home. Thank you.Read more

Morning Arrival

Parents please do not drop your children off at school before 7:50. Please drive slowly down the driveway to the main entrance (Door #1) and make one stop in the designated “drop off” area. Please make only one stop and have students exit on the right side of the vehicle. All students are to enter the building through door #1 (the main entrance). For safety reasons, no students are to be dropped off or picked up in the west drive.


If you have something to drop off in the office, please park in one of the visitor spots on the left side of the driveway. Please be certain to park in a visitors’ parking spot as all of the other parking spots are designated for faculty/staff parking.


Thank you for your help!

Student Absence/Illness Information

Students should be in school unless for illness or family emergencies. To report an absence: please call 946-2202 Ext. 2, the BES attendance number. (Please do not send an email message to the teacher, or a note with a sibling.) If we do not receive a call from a parent, we are required, for your child’s safety,  to try to contact you by phone.
For the protection of the entire student body, a student with a fever of 100 degrees or more
will be required to go home. Students are not to return to school until they have been fever free (without fever reducing medication) for 24 hours. A doctor’s note is required to return to school for any student who has been absent for more than three days, has any type of skin rash, or has been absent due to Conjunctivitis (Pink eye) or Chicken Pox.
Welcome to Beecher Elementary School
629 Penfield Street
Beecher, IL 60401
Phone: 708-946-2202 Ext. 1100
Mrs. Nicole Black, Principal