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        Mr. Jack Gaham, Principal | jgaham@beecher200u.org
        Mr. Robert E. Ogdon, Dean & Athletic Director | rogdon@beecher200u.org
        Mr. Stephen D. Sarsany, Guidance Counselor | ssarsany@beecher200u.org


Inspiring a small community to pursue the biggest of dreams through a safe, effective learning environment that develops character and puts students on the path to success.


  • College Board 5th Annual AP District Honor Roll (2014-2015 school year)
  • Illinois ASCD Whole Child Overall School (2017-2018 school year)



Beecher High School will provide a safe, supportive learning environment in which all students are provided
opportunities to accomplish the following activities:

1. Access, process, and communicate information in a variety of media.
2. Solve problems using logical, creative, and critical thinking skills.
3. Work collaboratively with students and faculty to accomplish common goals
4. Develop into life-long learners.
5. Participate as responsible and ethical citizens in a changing world.

Affirmation Statement

I make a positive contribution to Beecher High School because:

I am caring, respectful, creative, and honest.
I try to give back.
I am proud of helping strangers, friends, family, and other people in my life.
I try to be the best person I can be.
I am involved in school.
I respect myself and others.
I am accepting of everyone.
I take responsibility for my actions and stand up for those who need it.
I am a good leader and always positive to others.

BHS News

Mental Health Awareness: Support for Parents

While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health. These videos and websites provide support and resources to parents who may be dealing with difficult behaviors at home. We partner with Elyssa’s Mission to bring the Signs of Suicide program to our students. They are offering a free, weekly support group for parents. Check it out! Anxiety Toolkit and Resource Hub Dr. Meme Hieneman is an expert in Family Based Positive Behavior Support and guides families through a step-by-step process for routine-based interventions. Behavior Response …

Mental Health Awareness: Healthy Routines

Living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating mental health tools to thrive may not be easy but can be achieved by gradually making small changes and building on those successes. Handout – Creating Healthy RoutinesDownload Handout – Eliminating Toxic InfluencesDownload

200u News Archive



On May 13, 2020

Morning everyone: I wanted to send a quick message out to everyone about next year's students' schedules.  Mr. Sarsany is finishing them up and they will be available on Tuesday, May 26 via Powerschool.  They are not accessible now.  Mr. Sarsany may be reaching out to students to give options.  We are currently balancing the schedule so what could have been seen today may be different by then.  Here are a few really important things to keep in mind about scheduling: 1) We are a small school with


On May 5, 2020

Good Afternoon: We have gone through all underclassman and found you still have materials to be picked-up. We apologize if you came last week and we missed it. I hope you can understand with 500 bags of material, some things can be hard to find. We will have one more pick-up on Thursday, May 7, from 1-2. Anything that isn't picked up will be stored and placed in your student's locker for next year. Thanks again for all your assistance over the last few weeks/month. We are almost at the end of th

Beecher Community Scholarship Association

On March 26, 2020

Hello, this is a message to our High School Seniors. The Beecher Community Scholarship Association is due this Friday. Since the school is completely closed, you will not be able to drop off your application there. So, you are instructed to hand in your application at First Community Bank & Trust through the drive-in. Please put the application in an envelope that says Beecher Scholarship on it. Thank you, Mr. Sarsany

BHS Daily Announcements

3/13 announcements

On March 13, 2020

Announcements Friday, March 13 Sports Attention all boys basketball players thatRead more

3/12 announcements

On March 12, 2020

Announcements Thursday, March 12 Sports Attention all boys basketball players thRead more

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