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Section 1 1:10, 1:20, 1:30, School District Organization, Legal status, Organization, Operations, and Cooperative Agreemements, Philosophy
Section 2 2:10 through 2:260, Board of Education, Governance, Board Member, Board Relationships, Board Meetings, Board Policy, Board Records, Uniform Grievance Procedure
Section 3 3:10 through 3:70, General School Administration, Goals and Objectives, OPEN, Chain of Command, Superintendent, Administrative Personnel, Administrative Responsibility of the Building Principal, Succession of Authority
Section 4 4:10 through 4:180, Operational Services
Section 5 5:10 through 5:330, Personnel, Expenses, General Personnel, Professional Personnel, Educational Support Personnel.
Section 6 6:10 through 6:340, Instruction, Philosophy and Goals, Educational Calendar and Organization, Curriculum, Special Programs, Instructional Resources, Guidance and Counseling, Achievement.
Section 7 7:10 through 7:340, Students, Equity, Assignment and Admission, Attendance, Rights and Responsibilities, Welfare Services, Activities, Records.
Section 8 8:10 through 8:110, Community Relations, Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs, Community Use of School Facilities, Public Suggestions and Concerns.