Our 2017-2018 registration window this summer is July 17th – July 21st, 2017.  Any registrations completed after July 21st will be considered LATE REGISTRATIONS.  New residents, please report to the district office in person to get setup with online credentials to register. New residents will need two utility bills with current address and a signed statement from their landlord (If renting). (Proof of residency form)

Before beginning online registration, it may be a good idea to scan in 2 utility bills (and signed rental agreement/statement if renting) and save them to your computer for upload during registration, or if using a phone or tablet to register, take a clear picture of each utility bill for upload during form completion. If you cannot upload them electronically during form completion, please visit your school’s office BEFORE 12 PM July 21nd, 2017 and physically drop off the forms.


Step 1. Login to your Parent PowerSchool account at https://bcsd200u.powerschool.com
If you cannot login to your parent account, or you do not see the registration icon, please refer to our Parent Account Guide.
Step 2. Click near the bottom left of the page on “PowerSchool Registration”. After clicking on this,  you will be taken to a list of types of registrations you may need to perform. If you do not see the button labeled “PowerSchool Registration”, it is either before July 17th, 2017 or you are logged to your student account, not your parent account. 
Step 3. After clicking “PowerSchool Registration” in step 2 above, select New Student Enrollment (for new students to district) – OR – Annual Student Registration (For returning students to the district). 
Step 4. Fill out the form, uploading your two required utility bills, and rental agreement from landlord (if renting). You are now done with registration, and you need to proceed to online payment with eFunds system, step 5 below


Step 5. Login to eFunds for Schools from THIS PAGE, following the guide provided. Registration fees are automatically calculated based on course enrollment, however optional fees such as a lost lock or gym uniform, are not automatically added to your total owed. Please add these to your cart during payment if you need to purchase them.

Please see this step by step guide on how to complete online registration: