Cyber Safety Hub and Family Zone Insights

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Dear parents and families 

Did you know that we’ve rolled out  a pilot program to ensure you have  information to help you guide your child's digital development? Be part of  our Community Digital Wellness Program Pilot that supports this important need.  It includes two key elements:

  1. Community Cyber Safety and Digital Wellness Hub

This website is a great resource with the latest topics,  trends, guides, and timely articles from digital wellness and cyber safety experts and is focused on child development. 

  • Parent Guides to Apps

  • Setting Up Parental Controls 

  • Cyberbullying

  • Tech guides - from SnapChat to TikTok we’ve got you covered

  • Reviews on the latest app/games

  • Timely webinars on important topics will also be available

To  get started: visit the CyberSafety Hub

  1. Connect App  [currently in pilot]

Be one of the first to try this new feature that allows you [parent or guardian)  to view your child’s online activity on their school-issued devices to help you guide and nurture your child’s online journey. What’s available:

  • Recent school activity

  • Reporting during and after school hours

  • Device usage on personal devices

To get started 

  1. Download the Family Zone Connect app onto your mobile device from the app store.

  1. Follow the steps to connecting your mobile device via the app to your child’s school-issued device. 

Install and Set Up a Parent's iOS App

Install and Set Up a Parent's Android App

For more information or questions please contact Family Zone Support here.



Joseph Duncan, Technology Director