Will County Health Department Updated Guidelines

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December 3, 2021

Updated December 2, 2021


  • Negative home tests cannot be used for return to school testing for symptomatic students/staff OR modified quarantine options for close contacts.
  • Students/Staff with positive home tests should be treated as a case and excluded per symptom onset date and/or home test date.
  • Close contacts of a student/staff testing positive with a home test should be excluded.
  • Positive home test cases should be reported to the WCHD using the reporting form. Any close contacts to the case should also be reported.
  • Anyone presenting a positive home test to the school should be encouraged to get a lab-based (Antigen or RT-PCR) test ASAP.
  • Anyone with a positive home test must still quarantine if they become a close contact within 90 days of a positive at-home test.
  • Weekly screening tests should continue as scheduled unless the case had a positive lab-based test within the past 90 days. Positive home tests within the last 90 days will not exclude students/staff from routine testing.