Superintendent's Blog - Pandemic Updates

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March 4, 2021

Hello all. As we start to gain some ground on this pandemic (vaccines rolling out and infection numbers on the decline), we are taking a close look at extending our on-campus school day. 

The tentative plan is to extend the on-campus day until 2p after Spring Break on April 12th. This will provide for more live instruction while also allowing time after 2p for our instructors to check in with the 30% of our students who are all remote.

Just as is currently being done in the classroom, lunches will not be socially distanced. However, Elementary School students will have lunch time seating charts to keep them in the same contact tracing groups as would be found in the classroom.

We are confident that we will be able to keep the schools open after Spring Break, as I am guessing roughly two-thirds of our employees will have had time to build antibodies against the virus. (Don’t ask us for exact numbers or staff, we do not have access to employee medical data.)

In order to get our staff their second round of vaccinations, March 12th will be an all-remote day for all of our students. This one will look different than the last, as all student work will be review. Also, each activity will have a teacher video and explanation as an introduction. A drive-through lunch will be available on March 12th at the Junior High from 11:00a – noon. 

Please continue to reach out to your classroom teacher and building principal with questions and concerns.

We understand that this continues to be a difficult time, and we thank you for your trust, communication and partnership.

Be safe. Be well.