BES Power Outage Important Update 4/19/21

silhouette of a school

April 19, 2021

The power outage at BES is not able to be fixed quickly.  Therefore, we will need to send all students home.  Students will go home the way they normally do.  If they are a bus rider, buses will be here around 11:00 to start to bring students home.  If you will be picking your child up, you can do that at any time from now until 11:00.  If your child will be going home a different way, please contact the JH or HS office and they will get us the message.  The JH number is 946-3412 and the HS number is 946-2266.  Before the busses drop any student off, they need to see an adult at the bus stop or at the house.  Students who are not able to be picked up by 11, will be kept at school safely and given lunch to eat until someone can come to pick them up.