Beecher Education Foundation

Statement of Mission

It shall be the mission of Beecher School District 200U Education Foundation to acquire and distribute financial and other resources to Beecher School District 200U. The additional resources shall be used for programs and projects which enhance or supplement School District 200U educational programs and provide enriched educational opportunities for learners.


The Foundation will achieve its mission by directing support toward the following goals:

To promote development for students.
        1.      Provide resources for additional or extended educational programs for students.
        2.      Provide grants for individual students to pursue additional educational opportunities.
        3.      Recognize outstanding student effort.
        4.      Provide materials for unique student needs.
        5.      To promote pride in student, school and community.

To encourage employee innovation and creativity.
        1.      Provide resources for creative or experimental teaching ideas and programs.
        2.      Support unique growth opportunities for all school district employees.
        3.      Foster and encourage excellence in leadership.
        4.      Recognize outstanding employee effort and achievement

To encourage school/community partnership.
        1.      Promote opportunities to increase awareness of school district programs.
        2.      Provide ways for individuals, businesses, other government agencies and organizations to share resources with the schools to enhance learning.
        3.      Develop cooperative ventures among the Foundation, community groups, and School District.
        4.      Promote unity among the communities that comprise Beecher School District 200U.