Parent Access for PowerSchool

For Beecher School District, parents can use PowerSchool and its plugins to perform 3 main functions:

  • Check student grades and academic performance   
  • Review a recent message sent out to parents, or update contact preferences for Phone, Email, and TXT (Swift K-12)   
  • Register Online for school (through PowerSchool Registration)

District Code: DFBB (for mobile app)

If you are having problems signing in:

If you are having problems signing into your parent account, you will need a parent welcome letter with your access ID and password. You can contact your student’s school office for a copy. PLEASE NOTE: This access ID and password provided cannot be used to directly login to the PowerSchool website, you must first create a parent account with the access ID and password if you have not already done so. Only after you create a parent account with your own username, password, and email address, will you be able to login to access all functions, including online registration.

Parent Portal example

Here are the choices presented to you after logging into the Parent Portal:


Update Contact Preferences:

In order to change which notifications you receive (Sports, emergency, general, etc) or update phone numbers or email addresses, use the Alert Solutions 2 link.

1. Login to POWERSCHOOL here, or by clicking the powerschool icon.
2. Click on Alert Solutions 2, wait for the page to load
3. My messages shows previous announcements the school has sent out, Contact Preferences and Subscriber information contain phone numbers, email addresses, and your contact preferences based on announcement category.

Check Grades and Academic Performance:

1. Login to POWERSCHOOL here, or by clicking the powerschool icon.
2. Click on Grades and Attendance if for the current school year, or Grade History if reviewing a prior years’ grades


Register Online: